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Makeup is self-confidence applied directly to your face.

Suitable for

Beginners with no prior make-up experience, office executives, students, people who are enthusiastic about beauty and quality of life!

If you are looking for

  • A quick makeup finish in 20 minutes. Boost your confidence and professional look with sharp aesthetics which command power.

  • Impress your future boss or client at first sight with an approachable and friendly look.

  • Show your flawless healthy-looking skin with our “No-makeup” look.

  • Charismatic beauty that looks great at any thematic event, function & occasion. 

4 Hours Course

  • Day & dinner makeup

  • Hairstyling:
    - 2 techniques curl setting

  • Foundation application

  • Eyebrow shaping

  • Eyeliner & eyeshadow matching

  • Fake eyelashes application

  • Highlighting and contouring

  • Proper blusher application

  • Lips design

  • Q&A

What To Bring

  • Makeup brushes

  • Primers/moisturizers

  • Makeup remover

  • Foundations & concealers

  • Eyebrow pencil

  • Eyeshadow (2 light + 2 heavy)

  • Blusher

  • Lipstick

  • Curling and rebonding iron

  • Etc. that you may own

Fee & Remarks

  • RM688 for one person

  • RM188 OFF for the second person when registering for two

  • One pair of fake eyelashes is provided

  • Minimum of 2 students to start a class

  • Flexible class schedule

  • 30% non-refundable deposit is required


Location: 23/G-1, No.99, KL Traders Square

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