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Admissions are open for 2023

Suitable for

Beginners with no prior make-up experience, students, and people who would like to work as Professional Makeup Artist.

If you are looking for

  • A career path as a full-time or part-time Professional Makeup Artist for weddings, R.O.M, personal makeover, and event jobs.

  • Earning income without stress on finding customers.

  • Boosting your confidence and professional look with sharp aesthetics which command power.

  • Show your flawless healthy-looking skin with our “No-makeup” look.

  • Charismatic beauty that looks great at any thematic event, function & occasion. 

Bridal Makeup Course Outline (100 hours)


  • Skin care knowledge and application

  • Introduction of beauty cosmetic tools

  • Understanding of face shape and bone structure

  • Understanding of products, equipment, and color combinations

  • Eyebrow shaping

  • Application of liquid foundation and concealer

  • Eyes, blush, and lips applications


  • Normal day and evening makeup

  • Wedding day and evening makeup

  • Korean makeup

  • Indian makeup

  • American makeup

  • Essential tips and techniques on long-lasting bridal makeup, photography, and pre-wedding makeup.


  • Hair types and product application

  • Long and short hair setting

  • Fringe styling

  • Updo Styling - Bun / twist / braiding

  • Veil, flora, and accessories application

  • Various wedding hairstyling

Our Bridal Course Includes:

  • Booklet and worksheet are provided

  • Makeup tools, hair iron machines, and cosmetics can be prepared individually or we can help to purchase them according to your budget

  • Provide you with a first-hand experience of how to assist the bridal event from start to finish

  • Assigning jobs and long-term collaboration with FaceStation

  • A certificate that is recognized globally by top makeup brands is given after the course and exam are done

Fee & Remarks

  • RM4800 with no registration fee

  • RM800 OFF for the second person when registering for two

  • Maximum 6 persons in a class (Minimum of 4 students to start)

  • Flexible class schedule

  • A 50% deposit is required. (10% is non-refundable)


Location: 23/G-1, No.99, KL Traders Square

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