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Vivi (Bridal Makeup)

Thank you for making me feel beautiful on my wedding day. Eeien is a very professional makeup artist. She will take all the time needed to make you look perfect. She was on time and ahead of schedule. Overall I had a great experience and would highly recommend her to anyone!


Rachel (Prom Makeup)

Honestly, I really need to thank FaceStation for the services. I’m really happy with how I turned out to be. My makeup and hairdo are exactly the same the pictures that I showed to my Makeup Artist Tiffany. Not only that, my makeup and hairdo were done professionally quick and perfect. In addition, I won Prom Queen that night, and I thought that I couldn’t get that if it’s not the hard work of FaceStation. Last but not least, 100% satisfied and it is recommended!


Pei Pei (Dinner Makeup)

Great customer services from FaceStation.

My sisters and I are truly happy with our makeup, so gorgeous and beautiful . The suggestion of the lipstick colour by our artist , Queenie was fantastic. 
Big thanks and thumbs up to FaceStation team!

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