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Watch Till The END!! 教学整人SHOW!

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Halloween is almost here! Are you ready to scare OR to be scared?! Everyone wants to try the zombies makeup, but you might think that is too hard for you to do it.

No worries ~

Here's a simple and easiest way to reach the effect!

Let's try it and show us the result!

(Don't forget to switch ON the sound)


用最简单的方式来的大家 如何做出 假伤口 真效果的妆容!

试一下吧 . . . 呵呵 😄😄

虽然影片有点长,但我自己看了 都觉得很好笑。

(后面的部分 记得要把声音打开) 😅😅 因为是真人 SHOW~

Enjoy your video!

Thanks for watching!!

看完了吧~ 呵呵!




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